HSC 650G

HSC 650G

Here you will find technical data as well as information on standard features for the CNC machine HSC 650G.

A product data sheet can be downloaded here: (a new version is under develepment)

Technical data

Machine HSC 650G
Machine dimensions (W x H x D) 1510 mm x 2550 mm x 1580 mm
Mounting surface 500 mm x 600 mm
Travel X-Y-Z 500 mm x 600 mm x 300 mm
Z capacity 490 mm
Machining range 500 mm x 600 mm
Max. speed > 15m / min.
Axis resolution <0,0001 mm
Repeatability 0,005 mm
Spindle power 2.0 KW/3.0 KW
Speed range rpm 3.000 – 50.000
Tool clamping HSK-E25 collet
Collet capacity 1-10 mm
Tool changer 20-piece
Machine weight Approx. 2400 kg
Table load 250 kg
Connected load 3x 400 V/16 A
Power Max. 5 KW
Compressed air connection 0.6 – 0.8 MPa
Operating system Windows 7 or 10

Standard features

  • Operation under windows. Network integration
  • 12-piece tool changer, collision-safe
  • T-slots 10H8
  • Convenient tool management
  • Mobile tool length sensor
  • Consistently digital drive concept guarantees high-speed cutting properties
    • High acceleration to maintain the required cutting conditions
    • Excellent contour precision, even at extreme speeds
    • Short machining times with high surface quality
  • Central axial lubrication
  • Hand wheel for 5 axes with:
    • Override potentiometers for feed and spindle
    • Buttons for start, stop, zeroing, spray cooling on/off, etc.
  • Spray cooling system
  • Some milling spindles have rotor units that can be replaced on-site

An overview of the optional components can be found on this page..

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