CAD/CAM & Equipment

Milling spindles

Specially designed for our HSC milling machines but also perfect for many other use cases – our HSC spindle with standardized diameter and compact outline are universal in use.

Watercooled, powerful and with HSK-E25 or HSK-E40 perfect for automatic tool change.

Spidletype 08040 10032
Housing stainless steel stainless steel
Clamping diameter 80 mm 100 mm
Total length 350 mm 465 mm
Clamping length 100 mm 100 mm
Weight 8,4 kg 16,5 kg
Bearings Hybrid ceramic Hybrid ceramic
Motortype asynchronous asynchronous
Motor temperature sensor KTY 84-130 KTY 84-130
max. Volatge 380 V 380 V
Current S1 (100%) 8,2 A 13 A
Current S6 (40%) 12,3 A 19,5 A
Power S1 (100%) 4000 W 6000 W
Power S6 (40%) 6000 W 9000 W
Torque S1 (100%) 1,29 Nm 2,8 Nm
Torque S6 (40%) 1,93 Nm 4,3 Nm
Rated speed 30000 u/min 20000 u/min
Rated frequency 1000 Hz 667 Hz
Max. speed 40000 u/min 32000 u/min
Max. frequency 1334 Hz 1067 Hz
Tool clamping HSK E25 HSK E40
radial runout <5 @ 70 mm <5 @ 150 mm
Tool changer pneumatic pneumatic
un-/clmaping pressure 6 bar 6 bar
Airseal pressure 1,5 bar 1,5 bar
Airseal drain 35 – 65 l/min 40 – 80 l/min
Cone cleaning pressure 1,5 bar 2,5 bar
Cone cleaning drain 45 – 75 l/min 60 – 100 l/min
Motor coolant Water with 50% Glycol Water with 50% Glycol
coolant flow 2 – 3 l/min 3 -4 l/min

Pictures by PC CAD/CAM

We are Distributer AND User – always ready for your questions!

Pictures by PC from Schott Systeme GmbH is one of the most universal CAD/CAM Systems and the best support for HSC milling. While HSC milling (High Speed Cutting) the material is removed quickly with high feed rate, high tool speed and round trajectories but small immersion into the raw block. Therefore different rough milling and finishing strategies, like contour oriented, spiral or hybrid are available. The later helps to reduce programming time as steep and flat areas are covered with one single work step. Pictures by PC enables you for 3-axis, 5-axis multi view (3+2 axis) and 5 axis simultaneous milling. Due to the post processor fitting perfectly to our machine types the whole CAD/CAM prozess is seemless – even from the very beginnign!

Tool holders and collets

Size Matters – Produce bigger parts or use longer tools on your machine. We deliver the shortest tool holders (collet holders) available.

Furthermore we offer precision grade ER 16 collets – radial runout of the assembly of tool holder and collet <4µm, usually <2µm, for perfect surface and longer tool life.

Additionally we have universal tool holder clamps for HSK-E25 and HSK-E40.

Type HSK-E25 HSK-E40
Total length 36 mm 50 mm
Collets ER-16B ER-16B
Max. speed 60000 rpm 40000 rpm
Clamping diameter 2 – 10 mm 2 – 10 mm
Radial runout < 4 µm < 4 µm

4th – 5th axis – rotational and turn-tilt table devices

rotational devices as turn or tilt-turn table with direct drive torque motors for perfect positioning accuracy. The specialized motors perform with high torque on low and medium speed. The perfect extension for every milling machine.

Many options and accessories available!

We also deliver motor drivers and integration service – ask your questions now.

Vacuum tables

We produce various vacuum tables and plates for our machines and for you. Send us your drawing or requirements. Due to inhouse production we can make almost every wish come true like cut outs for rotational device or clamping systems . The system with grid and sealing pipe fits universal to all part dimensions and geometries. Due to fitting holes with steel inserts repeatability is easy and precise.