HSC 540 MG

Our “man in the middle” – with the standard included HSK-E40 9kW spindle and the 24 station tool changer for up to 200mm long tools you can handle almost every task-Even more universal when using 4th axis rotational device. Due to the large table it can remain there in many cases but it is also quick and easy to remount it in minutes with the standardized fitting holes.

Even more universal in use when using a 4th axis, which can remain permanently on the large table in many cases or can be mounted quickly and with repeat accuracy using the standard fitting holes.

Standard equipment

  • T slot table with additional fitting holes 16H7 in 50/100mm grid
  • Hand wheel for controlling up to 6 axis with override for feed rate and spindle rpm
  • automatic tool length measurement and break detection
  • joblist and zero point offset managemt
  • network ready machine control for easy access and integration
  • semi automatic central lubrication system

Technical data

Features HSC 540 MG
Axis count 3
Travel (XYZ) 550 mm x 450 mm x 260 mm
Axis of rotation optional
Swivel axis optional
Mounting surface (XY) 540 mm x 440 mm
max. table load 250 kg
Diffuser height Z 290 mm
max. speed 12 m/min
Spindle and tools
Speed range rpm 3.000 – 32.000
Spindle power (water cooled) 6kW (S1-100%), 9kW (S6-40%)
Tool clamping HSK-E40
Tool changer 24x
max. length from lower edge of spindle cone 200 mm
max. tool length (depending on collet length) approx. 130 mm
Dimensions (XYZ)
1700 mm x 1300 mm x 2170 mm
Table load 1600 kg
Compressed air connection 6-7 bar
Connected load 3×400 V / 16 A
Power 10 kVA

Optionales Zubehör

  • 3D-Taster als Einrichthilfe-Werkstückantastung

  • Andere Spindeln auf Anfrage

  • Rundfräs- und Graviereinrichtung, Dreh- und Schwenkachsen, 2-Achs-Teilapparate für 5-Achsbearbeitung

  • Direkte Wegemessung für hohe Arbeitsgenauigkeit (Glasmaßstäbe und induktiv)

  • Sprühkühleinrichtung, Kaltluftanschlüsse, Absaugung diverser Stoffe und Materialien

  • Vakuumspanntechnik

  • Staub- und Graphitabsaugung inkl. Staubschutzausrüstung als Komplettsystem

  • Absaugung für Flachbearbeitung

  • Zylindergravureinrichtung