Custom build machines

Customised for your application

Due to internal construction, production and regional suppliers we react fast and precise to your requirements. So we can build a granite based machine fitting perfectly for your application. Axis travel, 4 or 5 axis extension, table size, spindle, tool changer, automatic raw material and workpiece handling, robotic connection, … whatever you need – we will find your solution

Optional equipment

  • Semi-automatic monitored centralised lubrication

  • 3D probe as a set-up aid for workpiece probing

  • Other spindles on request

  • Circular milling and engraving device, turning and swivel axes, 2-axis dividing heads for 5-axis machining

  • Direct path measurement for high working accuracy (glass scales and inductive)

  • Spray cooling unit, cold air connections, extraction of various substances and materials

  • Vacuum clamping technology

  • Dust and graphite extraction incl. dust protection equipment as a complete system

  • Extraction for flat machining

  • Cylinder engraving device