NCmind – CNC mechanical engineering

NCmind was founded on 1 February 2002 by the two partners Dipl.Ing. Elektrotechnik Lothar Pleikies and Dipl. Ing. Maschinenbau Frank Fischer. Both have many years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering and control and drive technology. Technology-enthusiastic engineers, committed employees, a solid and owner-managed company that fully realises the wishes of its customers – this is how NCmind presents itself today.

“We explore the limits of what is possible together,
you determine the nature of our collaboration.”

Reference / Solidtec GmbH from Dieburg

A partnership in which everything is just right!

As a medium-sized company in the field of rapid tooling, we specialise primarily in the production of fully functional prototypes. It is a very fast-moving business in which reliability and precision are the indispensable keys to success. The satisfaction of our customers can therefore only come from this.

Consequently, we depend on the support of an equally reliable partnership with a supplier of HSC CNC milling machines for the production of our prototype tools.

For more than 10 years now, we have found this in the company NCmind, whose highly flexible, reliable and passionate team led by Lothar Pleikies never ceases to impress us. Adherence to deadlines, availability and service are just as important to NCmind as they are to Solidtec. NCmind is also always on hand with help and advice when it comes to realising our own ideas and developing customised special solutions tailored to our company. This means that we never get the impression that we have to wait for something or that we are treated as a second priority.

NCmind therefore gives us an invaluable advantage: we can concentrate fully on our day-to-day business at all times without any worries!

Many thanks for this NCmind!

Reference / priomold GmbH from Birkenfeld

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to one of our “youngest” customers: priomold GmbH from Birkenfeld. This relatively young company produces injection moulded parts for prototypes, pre-series and corresponding small series using the “rapid tooling” process. This enables “fast, very fast mould construction”, as the founders themselves put it. The mechanical basis for this comes from NCmind – a five-axis milling machine is currently in use. You can read more about the company in a press article published on 10 November 2017 – as well as on the company website at

Article (image) published in the Pforzheimer Zeitung on 10 November 2017, author: Jennifer Warzecha

Reference / 3D Padelt GmbH from Strausberg

„Our machines manufactured by NCmind produce in wood, plastic and aluminium. Laminating moulds, foundry models, deep-drawing moulds and exhibition sculptures are our core business.

The strength of the CNC milling machines lies in easily machinable materials. The high repeat accuracy allows the production of precisely fitting mould inserts. Free-form surfaces can be milled quickly with a very high surface quality.

NCmind is a reliable partner, problems are solved and rectified promptly. NCmind was able to reliably implement customised adaptations to the machine for optional HSC milling at 70,000 rpm.

In short, the machines and service are excellent.”

More about 3D Padelt GmbH from Strausberg can be found at

Reference / Klangwerkstatt Markt Wald

We carry out machine conversions – retrofits – both in-house and on site. This is also the case at the “Klangwerkstatt Markt Wald”, where a CNC milling machine is used to manufacture customised musical instruments. Following the installation of new control and drive technology and an upgrade with a new milling spindle and automatic tool changer, we received the following message from the owner André Schubert:

“Micha did a great job and also gave me a good introduction to the controls at the end. A great person. So calm, friendly, competent and always on the ball.

We are very pleased that everything is now back to a good, new state and are confident that we will be able to cope with the new control system. I’m sure I’ll still have one or two questions, but I hope I’ll be able to get back to you.

Now I wish you a nice weekend and simply say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone at NCmind!”